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Title-ish title

2017-01-14 06:17:23 by Cenaf

Apparently i neglected NG for a while due my... change of specialisation to 18+ smut and wanted to keep separation of nicknames that ArbuzBudesh would be 18+ and cenaf would stay tastefull stuff. Which feels like stupid and pointless idea now. So i ll just post my porn in here. I'd still would love a nicname change to ArbuzBudesh since i use it mostly, but doubtly its doable.

If you have raging need to see more drawns wangs and twats check tumblr link its most updated one.


2014-07-19 12:26:27 by Cenaf


me drawing stuff, i guess

NATA failure

2014-07-09 17:50:37 by Cenaf

So... i didnt finish the nata entry, not even close so i could post it. Sorry to everyone who wanted to see more of my stuff, specially my oponent. Full time job and nata is surelly to hard for me doing same time, and now i really had hard month there resulting this.

There is one thing left to do... SEPPUKU! HARGHTTT!!!!!

more streaming

2014-06-22 04:58:02 by Cenaf


Streaming ughhhhhhh

2014-06-21 11:35:26 by Cenaf


pretty much me drawing stuff.

Being a slowpoke

2014-04-22 09:32:53 by Cenaf

Wow i realised 4 days late that i got my first feature on newgrounds. The interesting thing my most popular pieces are the ones i didnt actually expect to be so.

Anyways thanks everybody. Hopefully i'll bring myself back to animating so i could contribute even more to NG.

Goin' next with NATA

2012-05-18 15:51:55 by Cenaf

Got thru open round and happy to the full pants of.... er...happiness... never mind.
So i ll focus on sounds and sync overall more this time and i also need voice actors since i got 5(!) roles and probably alot of talking. I hope i ll make it till the due line.

I've found 2-3 voices already. For now i need voice actors who can voice anthro(omg) bear, crocodile(pic below) and octopus(squishy sounds on talk NOT included).


Goin' next with NATA


2012-05-09 17:35:37 by Cenaf

Aiming for NATA. So i made this.

The end.


Ok, ok i admit it...

2012-01-07 18:39:01 by Cenaf

... i am a lazy fuck and i have "dumping before finishing" syndrome with flash projects.
I have some plans for future animations, but at the moment i'll try raising my overall art activity n some practice :p
so im not promising anything

Ok, ok i admit it...

Plans for another attemp to debut

2011-08-18 11:16:36 by Cenaf

aaaand im aiming for madness day yay \o/
gotta try to focus on tactics, because original MK was mostly "go forward-just kill shit" with little exceptions. And lets hope i'll be on time :d

Plans for another attemp to debut