NATA failure

2014-07-09 17:50:37 by Cenaf

So... i didnt finish the nata entry, not even close so i could post it. Sorry to everyone who wanted to see more of my stuff, specially my oponent. Full time job and nata is surelly to hard for me doing same time, and now i really had hard month there resulting this.

There is one thing left to do... SEPPUKU! HARGHTTT!!!!!


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2014-07-09 17:57:48

Noooooo! Are you sharing an unfinished version for judging? Any plans to finish it post-deadline for long-term inclusion in collection?

Cenaf responds:

Sorry but i'd like not to post unfinished animation, at least not in that state of undone. And to be honest i rarely comeback to projects that i put aside, otherwise my movie section would have like 5 more entries.
Sad times. Hopefully i ll be able to make something else for my beloved NG later on, good thing NATA gave me some good practice.


2014-07-10 00:07:26

man that sucks, hope you're able to put out some stuff soon, though!